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Trifectionary:  Unique... Creative... Joyful… Seriously Good!

And Tailor-Made for You.



Where do you go when your niece, who is pregnant with quadruplets, asks you to host her shower? 


What options do you have when the boss lets you know that the monthly employee birthday party is YOUR responsibility now?


Thanksgiving and Christmas call for great pies…but you don’t bake.


Who do you call?  Why, Trifectionary, of course!


Trifectionary is a home bakery in Dickinson, Texas.  Born in the summer of 2012, the bakery has been creating tailor-made baked goods for happy customers ever since. The brainchild of talented bakers trapped in everyday-job-bodies, Trifectionary is a labor of love that has come to be known for unique creations made-to-order.


Operating on the philosophy that life is too short to skip dessert, Trifectionary uses only the best ingredients at their very freshest to make their sweets Seriously Good!  Baking from Heritage Recipes, passed down through generations, as well as crafting new flavors and combinations for discerning clients has been the most challenging and FUN part of the job.


The key to Trifectionary’s success is utmost attention to the customers.  It is so important to spend the time to understand exactly what you want. From this, custom cupcakes, original cookies and exceptional pies, all made to customer specifications, tell the story of Trifectionary. Edible decorations, unique flavor combinations, new and old ideas combined to make EXACTLY what you want.


Call today and see what Trifectionary can create for you!


Custom Cupcakes, Original Cookies and Exceptional Pies for every occasion!

Let Trifectionary make your event even more special! What you want is what we want: Great Look and Great Taste!


Trifectionary, LLC

405 Old Orchard Drive

Dickinson, Texas 77539

Phone: 214-392-3718

Email: trifectionary@gmail.com

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