Every kid in America has dreamed of arriving home from school to a plate of fresh cookies and a big glass of milk. Cookies are the ultimate comfort sweet. Trifectionary has taken that scrumptious reputation and added to it the personalized treatment you want!


Cookie flavors are abundant, but if you want custom decorated cookies, favorites at Trifectionary include classic Sugar cookies, delectable Red Velvet cookies and German Butter Cookies.


And those cookies can come in a wide variety of shapes to fit your needs. Whales, stars, elephants, school busses, racecars: there is a cookie cutter for that!


Royal icing decoration for your custom cookies is a great option for matching the cookies to the event. Artistic designs, written messages, and creative depictions are some of the options for your cookies. Trifectionary also has an edible ink printer—so your company logo or family crest can become the decoration you are looking for.


Whether you need super special decorated cookies to celebrate a great occasion or you just want to bring the favored sweet to the company picnic or your child’s school party, let me help.


I look forward to creating the

perfect cookie for you from Trifectionary!


Custom Cupcakes, Original Cookies and Exceptional Pies for every occasion!

Let Trifectionary make your event even more special! What you want is what we want: Great Look and Great Taste!


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